Music download sites | Best free music download sites | 2019

Music download sites | Best free music download sites

Music download sites | Best free music download sites| 2019


You know about  the best free music download site.How to download music for free?


The internet provides many things and one of them is free music. You can find many  music download sites that provide free downloadable music; However, all this is not legal. So if you are looking for songs that can be available safely and freely, then we have selected the best music download sites for you.

How to download music for free?

There are many people who make sure that songs download, where music downloads or how to download free music. To help you, I made the following list of best free music download sites. Just visit the link below and see the download symbol. This site will provide free music downloads with just one click.


Here are just a few of our free music download sites are listed which are mostly people are use.

Keep in mind that this music download site list is constantly being updated with the popularity , and includes a set of special music downloader apps. Then check back for more favorite!

Below is a complete summary and review of these free music download sites. Enjoy it!




Music download site | Best free music download site| 2019


Some n the year 2014, the police was stopped by the London Police. Now, the site has emerged again on MP3 including MP3 conversion, as a streaming-to-download site. By default, you can search any track you want and will convert the track to free music downloads for you.

They also provide ‘mp3 cutter’ to trim the unwanted introduction or ‘white sound’ on the download.

One word of caution: Sites from MP3 on YouTube are legally difficult, so be careful. Basically, this site is covering fanatics on many sites because translating a video into free music downloads violates copyright. This means that you can get a bad letter with your ISP, or a label, in which there is no fun.

So, try to avoid drake and rihanna downloads and you are good. Instead, go for copyright-free songs that can be used for any purpose and you are legally clear. There is a good place to start here.

In fact, if you use any of these music in production, please remember to give credit to the manufacturer. This will help them get rid of the name, and possibly deposit a lush paid slot.


For MP3Juices Music  CLICK HERE 




Music download site | Best free music download site| 2019

Sound Cloud is a popular music site that allows you to stream unlimited music and download songs for free. In fact, it is also seen as the best option where you can get online music without paying.

As Amazon offers free music download storage, the same sound cloud as well. But you have to know how to find them.

So here’s how it works: SoundCloud is essentially a free streaming service. But many artists also allow free downloads. You have to search nearby, but if the artist has enabled it then you will see a free music download option.

Then, this is yours!


Music download site | Best free music download site| 2019



Keep in mind that many big artists just stream. In fact, most major label artists are forbidden to offer free downloads based on their agreement. It develops a cluster of clampdounters to work around that range, however, SoundCloud does not authorize those applications.

Unfortunately, the dedicated free music download section does not seem to be And, there is a little chance of coming in the future, so much more so much that it is so much fun


For SoundCloud Music  CLICK HERE 


3….Amazon Music


Music download site | Best free music download site| 2019

Yes, Amazon Music offers a ton of free music downloads! They also have a free music download section that is constantly updating.

(Actually, they do this for books too.)

But back to the music. Amazon’s choice is really amazing, and there are new releases of most big-name artists. They include names like Fu Fighters, blodi, spot wrapper, Carol King, and Philharmonic Orchestra Bratislava. It is the last classical lovers for you, but pay attention, there is also a pile for music and focused workout.

Why do they do this? The answer is simple: they want you to try their more involved music streaming service. Or, select the Amazon Prime Account ( bundled with music).

And yes, if you want to upgrade then Amazon Music is a very good streaming service.

This includes any smartphone that starts with the iPhone (IOS) and Android devices. But you will need a good music downloader to organize it well.


For Amazon Music  CLICK HERE 


4….Wynk Music


Music download site | Best free music download site| 2019


If you’re looking for Indian music, Airtel is offering a great way to find and organize free music downloads. Basically, Wynk not only offers free mp3s, but it manages and organizes them as well. A stepped-up premium plan includes streaming and a larger selection, though Airtel users can qualify for extended premium trials or bundled premium options. Just check your plan!

Sub-genres span Bollywood, Bhangra, Tamil, and Punjabi, with lots of music in a variety of regional dialects. Just to give you a sample, the dialect selection includes the following: Malayalam, Rajasthani, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali, Telugu, Bhojpuri, and Gujarati, among others.

Beyond Indian regional , there are also a lot of global music, mainstream songs. Think Coldplay, Jason Derulo, Shakira, and the Chainsmokers, and you get the idea. That said, that’s not the main focus of this app. But it’s a nice addition for those that want some global variety.

In total, Wynk offers 2.6 million tracks of mostly Indian music. There are also a huge number of playlists and a full-blown radio service. Again, most are focused on Indian music.

There are a few other cool options and features. That includes ringtones, ringback tones, an English-language option, and even Chromecast support.


For Wynk Music  CLICK HERE 

5….Last FM


You are probably familiar with the music streaming service of, but it also offers a track to download for free.

Unknown to many users that is one of the best music websites to download free songs.

Music download site | Best free music download site| 2019

The free download section has been dragged behind the link below the homepage, but once you are there, you will find small indie clothes and various songs from famous artists.

Unfortunately downloadable tracks is no way to filter or sort, so what you need, you must streaming, streaming and preview the time to find it, but if you discover something new, it is no bad thing Is not there.

All free music is provided for download in MP3 format.


For Last FM Music  CLICK HERE 




This music website is behind the band’s popularity, such as Alabama Shakes, The Civil Wars and Imagine Dragons.

It is a riverbank where they start acquiring recognition by sharing their music for free and gathering a huge loyal fan.

Music download site | Best free music download site| 2019

Riverbnation offers free music downloads from different styles, but their collection is known for pop, alternate and hip-hop. The site currently offers 4 million artists, labels and users, and provides a great user experience to music fans through their impressive list.

There are millions of rising artists in the Riverbnation, in many hundreds of genres. You can find what you like and many artists will allow you to download your music for free.

The approach is some sound-like. You can stream as you want, but you have to check to see if the free download option is enabled or not. Installing it is not easy, but if you are in search mode, then it is a little uncomfortable.

Once you like something, it’s yours!

Like the sound cloud, artists on the edge of most of the major river stream just stream. Now, there is not a dedicated download section in the bank of the river.


For ReverbNation Music  CLICK HERE


7….My Mixtapez Music


Music download site | Best free music download site| 2019


Like Spinillah, My Mixtapez is about hip-hop mixtapez. But there are some differences that want to weigh the hip-hop aficionados

For starters, they offer many different mixtapez from both endless rappers and DJs. And both offer free music downloads for offline listening. But dive into My Mixtapez, and you will see many differences between selection, organization and selected artists. You can also decide to roll

Currently, Mixtapez is not being sued (which we have heard). But this is an unstable situation, so we will keep you updated right now, the site is not considered illegal, but due to vicious shutdown (the reason is sometimes how it happens).

Actually,  Mixtapez puts good lights on indie artists and emerging wrappers. It contains a lot of rappers which can be huge in a few years, Mixtapez is still providing a huge promotional role.


For My Mixtapez  Music  CLICK HERE




Music download site | Best free music download site| 2019

SoundClick offers free downloads from hundreds of websites of artists. Sign in, sign in, Independent, and everything in between. Basically, if the artist wants to provide free music downloads, SoundClick will try to distribute it.

Searching music is very easy. You can find it through artist, style or chart. You can take as much sample as you want and you can download it as you want. There is also a radio option that gives a sample of music while you do some more multi-tasking.

One warning: Soundclick provides a mix of payment and free content. The reason for this is that some artists like to charge for their downloads, while others want to give it for free. Their choice, but you can sample what you like.

There is not a complete list of artists like DJ Khaleda or Drake. For that, you probably have to go ahead for spotlight or iTunes and whip your wallet.

Schedule to download your archive in a simple folder. Then, you have time to store the archive





9….Noise trade


There is a wonderful collection of albums by many artists in noise trades that want to check their compositions. If you like to sing and you can donate to support them

Music on this website is absolutely free and is legal to take. However, these songs can be partially streamed and in order to fully access or download the album, you have to trade your email address and post code.


Music download site | Best free music download site| 2019


Once you are finished with it, a zip file will be saved to an album, along with an MP3 track. Finding new songs on Noise Trade is also very easy. Just check the trending section and top download.

All music on NoiseTrade is free to download with a warning: Your email address and postal / zip code in the ‘business’ question, which will be used to distribute newsletters and artists to see where their fans are .

The design of noise trades is clear and clear, an intuitive tagging system helps you find new music in a similar style in one of your current favorites.

Musicians are free to use noise trades, and you can give your favorite new invites a tip to support their work.

This is not just music; Noise trade provide books for download on a wide range of topics in EPUB and MOBI format.







Music download site | Best free music download site| 2019

Jamendo Music is offering free music downloads over the years.

All these downloads are completely free (hence no characters from your ISP) and are preserved by the Creative Commons License. It basically means that if you download their music for personal enjoyment, then the creators of these songs do not pay attention.

All content on this site is an independent music, so if you are searching for mainstream tracks, you will probably need to look elsewhere or pay for it.


Music download site | Best free music download site| 2019



Jamendo music is best for researchers because they have well-received playlists and radio stations that are updated regularly. If you want a license for music for your video, commercial or film, then Jamendo also provides a rich collection at a reasonable price.

These are all free music. So if you’re looking for DJ Bad or Drake, you probably have to go elsewhere (try YouTube Music, Spoite or Apple Music).

Originally, Jamendo focuses on music researchers. Apart from this, they also have free radio stations and playlists that are constantly updated. Once you have a good collection of free music downloads, you can easily access it on your iOS, Android or other device offline. You will need a Music Downloader app to help you get organized here (their list here).

Want to license music for your video, commercial or film? Put a jamando’s paid tier photo at the same place. Prices are fair and the list is rich. You can not do wrong.





So I have listed these best free music download sites on the basis of usage and popularity. However, according to my personal opinion, the audio section of the Internet Archive makes it the best free music download site because I can get almost every artist there. You are free to choose the best of you, so go ahead and see these sites.


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